The Sweet Temptation

Most people think I’m weird, but its true that all my life I have hated fruits of all kinds – except may be an occasional mango, or a seasonal orange. In fact, I have always hated apples so much that I have had it force-fed to me only about three times in my entire life.

But all my equations changed when I was once accidentally introduced to the sweet temptation of the fruit you see in the snap above once I came to America.

The story of HOW

I was once shopping with one of my best-est friend in a local grocery store. Since I was new here I was observing her shopping pattern so that I had some idea what to buy and what not to. While my cart was full of instant breakfast, ready-to-eat meals, and cheap cup noodles, her’s was full of dairy products ,fresh vegetable and colorful fruits. Challenged, ย I decided that I had to get some fruits too. And on an impulse picked up blackberries, strawberries and red grapes.

Of all the fruits I got myself, the one that stayed with me are the GRAPES.

Pop it in your mouth or make a smoothie, it’s delicious in any form. Yes, sometimes I still do get the jitters about eating grapes, as let’s face it, at the end of the day, it’s still a fruit and my life long apathy towards this food-type doesn’t help me so much. But every time I force myself to pop a few into my mouth, and the sinful sweetness of American grapes (I have no idea if they are imported and if yes, from where) just melts the fruit-hater in me. I can now safely say, I have finally found my favorite fruit!!!

What is your favorite fruit? I’m eager to know ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “The Sweet Temptation

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  2. Hey! Think about this. Don’t start going full blow with a huuuge signature that basically is eating into your composition and ruining the beauty of your photos at this stage. This particular characteristic is the trademark of what I call “FaceBook PhotoEnthusiasts” who are of no good. If you see the work of the best photographers of the world you will not find any signatures at all. Your ultimate aim should be to make your work itself your signature. So I would not get into the practice of signing photos at this stage. And if for no other reason, it just mars the aesthetics of the photo. I find it difficult to appreciate because the words stop me from submerging into the frame. If you really want to sign it so badly then make it small please?
    I was about to give this advice to another of my friend in FB, who actually does in fact do great photography and is currently in Egyptian desert. But I restrained since giving unwanted advice is always a bad idea. But I could not stop myself in your case as I consider you to be close friend. There is no other intention that to make your work better.

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