Of Barks and Cones

The weather in Lincoln is getting better with each passing day. And so I have been able to go out to take some more photographs for Project  10. However, while clicking these I was worried that the content in my blog was getting monotonous and familiar already. But not having any other option right away, I thought that I will try focus on some specific patterns in nature – like dry barks of trees or fallen pine cones on the ground, patterns that are indicative of the harsh winter right away. Now, I don’t think those patterns come out very prominently in the snaps below. But since this is only the beginning, I hope I will be better with time.

I would really appreciate if you would let me know what you thought about these snaps and also what other things you would like to see in unApologetic. Till then Keep Rocking!!


2 thoughts on “Of Barks and Cones

    • You can click on them to view a bigger picture in the gallery. If you have already tried that and still think it’s too short then I will keep this in mind next time onwards. Thanks for the suggestion.

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