Something Reminiscent

Every time I see this flower, it reminds me of a very special festival in Kolkata – the famous Durga Puja. And I start missing my hometown even more.

The flower is called kashphool in Bengali, my mother tongue.  I don’t know if the one we find in India and the ones in USA are the same, but they definitely look similar. But one difference is that we can only find it around late September to early November in India. But here I find these flowers everywhere since Winter began.

I have been wanting to capture these flowers for a long time now. But I never got the opportunity to. Finally, today, on a chance trip, I got to capture this.

I hope you enjoy the shot.


4 thoughts on “Something Reminiscent

  1. I am glad you acted on my advice. This size is perfect. It does not create a distraction but it serves its purpose. 🙂

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