My new bamboo plant

My residence hall allows us to keep only plants and ‘non-dangerous’ fish (yes, even I have no idea what that means)  as pets. Since I was never a fan of fish as pets, I never wanted to get one. So since I have been here I have always wanted a plant for me. But then, I hardly open my windows, specially when it’s this cold. And plants give away carbon dioxide at night., so my parents didn’t want me to get one (again because I almost never open my windows). Livig like this was especially difficult as I have always grown up surrounded by pets and plants back home in India.

So when I came to know about this event by the Campus NightLife of UNL, where they were giving away baby bamboo plants, I was super-excited and asked almost everyone I knew to come with me. Unfortunately, I was myself late for the event. But a dear friend already had one for me!

So, finally, I got my new baby bamboo plant yesterday. Here are some snaps:

I’m already in love with this awesome new addition to my room! I will definitely keep you updated about the states of my plant as it grows in my room. I already know, thanks to this article, how to take care of my baby.
Let me know what you think of this 🙂


2 thoughts on “My new bamboo plant

  1. The plant looks cute! 🙂 Kochi “bansh” kina… By non-dangerous fish they mean you must not get a piranha for a pet!! 😛

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