Thanks to UNL GET REC’d I got to experience one of the most awesome things in my life yesterday – the Gyrosphere.
As soon as I knew that this was going to be one of the events, I couldn’t wait to get on the gyrosphere, well at least until it started rotating. But within a couple of seconds I realized that with all the harness around me I could never ever fall off the thing. Soon all my fear vanished and I completely and absolutely enjoyed the ride. I wish every one of you get the chance to get on one of these things some time or other. And also that I get a chance to hop on it again, soon.

Here is an image of how it spinned me! (Click on the image to see the animated GIF )

In case you didn’t already notice, the person wearing the powder blue sweater and wild flapping hair is me. I’m extremely sorry if your are disturbed with the image quality – I had to convert from a video file into an image file.

Have you ever hopped on a gyrosphere yourself? Tell me about your experience.
Till then, Keep Rocking!!


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