Feb Project :: And then there was snow!!!

Late last Friday and through bits and pieces of Saturday, Lincoln saw a snowstorm (my first) after a very long time. It was all fluffy and white outside but sooo cold… I was staying at a friend’s place and my camera was back at home. I have never missed an object so much in my life ever before. The only good thing (besides the company of dear friends) – finally my dream of constructing a snowman came to reality. But without a point and shoot cam handy and with the blizzard going strong, we had to be satisfied with a few snaps of Mr. Fat with just mobile cameras.
Nonetheless, the next Sunday was warm and sunny and it has been so ever since. I have been able to go out and around a few times with my camera and have been able to capture few good snaps of a snowy Lincoln. That’s why I’m declaring the February project – And then there was snow!!! (Also because without a deadline I’m no good)


(click on the image to enlarge)

This snap was taken at the parking lot of my residence hall. The weather was amazing, no wind, sunny and a little chilly. It was around 4 o’clock in the afternoon and there was only one person there trying to scrape the ice off his car. Yes, he did give me a weird look. 🙂
Hope you like the snap. Till next time then,

Keep Rocking!!


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