Random House @ Night

Last night I was out grocery shopping with my friends. After coming back,  while they were busy unloading the car, I grabbed my cam and went on a rampage in their neighborhood. Ah! it’s a bliss to have what you want just when you want it! Now this place is not exactly where I stay, but this is where I spend most of my weekends and some of my week day nights. But I’m sure, my mother and especially, my sister would be scared to see such a spooky desolated place (Well, I’m from Kolkata, India. What else do you expect!!)

(click on the image to enlarge)

The place was dark and so I was taking the images with a very high ISO. Sadly, most of the images turned out to be too grainy to use at all. But I liked this one just for the reason I mentioned above, scaring my family 😀 Also partly because I was tired of posting blue and white snaps.
I couldn’t decide whether that flash of light from the street lamp was a good or bad thing and finally, decided to keep that unchanged. What do you think it does to the snap? – adds something or makes it ugly? I’d love to know. Till then, Keep Rocking!!


9 thoughts on “Random House @ Night

  1. My take on the photo: Firstly kudos for the experimentation. But then according to my opinion the light has in fact affected the picture negatively. I would have tried to take it from a different angle so that it did not come inside the field of vision. Secondly since the place was dark why did you take the image with high ISO? You must have got this information from some or other source but since photography is an art, I guess there are various schools of thought. From the way I approach::
    ISO basically is an indicator of shutter speed. In old film cameras you had to control the shutter speed and for high speed photography you used high ISO i.e. highly sensitive films. But now in digital cameras obviously there is no question of different grades of films, but still ISO is kept as an indicator for shutter speed. Now logically you should understand that if you use high shutter speed it means very low amount of light is allowed to get in as in the shutter opens and closes quickly. For low ISO its the opposite i.e. more light is allowed in. Therefore logically in low light or dark area you should in fact choose low ISO. However this is just logical but in practice manipulation of ISO is usually supposed for a completely different reason than light levels. ISO is for motion photography. When you are filming something that is moving verrry faast you use high ISO to freeze the motion! And if you want to show the motion that is keep the blurry effect then you use low ISO.
    To tackle light we have another parameter which is the aperture or exposure. Aperture is again the size of the opening of the shutter. Again you can understand that for low light you have to use high aperture or exposure. This will allow more light to pass in. And for very bright scene you use low exposure to avoid ruining the picture. So technically both shutters speed/ISO and aperture/exposure does the same thing, i.e. control amount of light falling on the sensors, but conventionally they are kept for different purposes. To tackle situations of light and darkness keep your ISO fixed at some standard value and adjust the exposure. To tackle situations of speed and motion keep your aperture fixed and adjust the ISO. Try these things out. Hope you will discover the effects. I myself have.

    • Anyways… On second thoughts the above comment did not come out properly… as in it does not exactly convey everything or whatever I actually wanted to say… obviously I wanted to suggest something about adjusting exposure but the topic is not so easy to cover in one comment space.. and neither is it so easy to give a complete holistic technical solution in so brief… I intend to publish an article on my blog site instead on this topic soon… if you are interested to know exactly what I was trying to convey you might want to read that once I am done with it…

  2. Hi Sreeja
    I often think ‘noisy’ night shots like this have a much better feel than those which are hyper crisp, needing tripods and remote releases and all the other stuff……This is a case in point…the light flare adds to the atmosphere…I like it!

    • Thank you Stuart! Such a boost!!! I like it too… Now that I look at it I think I could have cropped the snap bit from the top so that the glare was not so much in-your-face! But I wanted the full profile of the tree in this shot, because basically that’s what I was trying to capture… 🙂

      • Cropping is always what I do first..often trying three or four different crops coz its only when you see them that you can really tell..
        Definitely this shot works as it is, but a tighter crop might be even better….

  3. The tree is perfect for the spooky effect!
    Noticed something else though, it would have been shit scary had the tree and the ‘Dead End’ could have been captured together … but I see that the angles are totally different 😀

    • ha ha! btw, my intention while capturing this snap was not to make it scary at all… now, on reflection it seems that it could be scary to some people in my life 🙂 besides, it’s just any Lincoln night… normal and safe 🙂

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