You rummage through a bag of old memories. Tear it, fake it, strain it, test it, come back to it from time to time, but mostly keep losing it by bits and pieces.. fragments so small you hardly notice that you’ve lost them. Then one day, suddenly, someone wants to pay back – may be for the pain you had caused them, or for the indifference you had showered them with, or may be, because they just like to see you suffer. They want to pay it back – with hurt. And out comes a few proofs that those memories that you don’t remember any longer did, in fact, exist.


3 thoughts on “Rush

  1. True I suppose….but in my experience good memories last longer and sometimes actually grow with time…..if you’ve forgotten bad things once, you can forget them again….
    Keep smiling

    • Stuart, you are right. But, you know, sometimes you even forget good memories, might just be because you are not close with those people anymore, and may be you no longer care that you are not. But then they send you a snap, or you go through an old mail you had forgotten about, and you suddenly miss being with them… it was one of those days for me 🙂

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