© Sreeja Banerjee  

I believe in love
not a bickering of the broken heart
I believe in love
with the tangled emotions overwhelming me
I believe in love
though there is someone who can see a cynic in me

I’m beautiful
not to the masses
I’m beautiful
to the ones I choose to show this trait in me
I’m beautiful
to those who choose to see this trait in me

I’m a poet
not by writing rhyming verses
I’m a poet
with the numbness, dullness of the poetic verses in me
I’m a poet
by being the person that is me


This poem was originally published by me on 04 Feb 2010 on Ch1Blogs of Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (when I was working there) on a poem challenge. My first poem ever!! 🙂
Reflecting, I believe, this poem still defines  the way I think about myself. What better day to re-post it than on my birthday!

P.S. The word ‘Ami‘  means ‘me‘ in my vernacular language.


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