One year of this neglected blog!

Today my blog Unapologetic will complete its first year! This has been a very uneventful year for my blog… But not really that much for me… A year back when I started this blog I wanted to do something creative, something fun in my day to day life that would also be a source of joy to me. I was quite lonely, quite friendless in a new and strange country! (strange because I’m quite the stranger to it, even now)
But since then life has been more chaotic than quiet, more eventful than anything I had ever imagined for myself! I had my first surgery away from home… My first real problems in life, first heartbreak, first coming to terms with being an adult and taking decisions like one, even my first failure (in a qualifying exam), first break up and many other things… Sadly my blog has not been able to capture any of that.. I was too busy trying to balance out my life, trying to make sense out of the chaos…
But even with all these things happenning together and more surprisingly with too little content on my blog I’ve been able to acquire 32 followers for my blog!!! For me personally it is a humongous feat!!! So thank you all of you who have been here on my website! And my most heartfelt gratitude to the ones who come back again and again on receiving an irregular email alert that I’ve posted something… Love you all so much!!! I hope I will have a more productive 2013 and I wish the same for all of you out there… Happy New Year!!


3 thoughts on “One year of this neglected blog!

  1. Congrats on reaching the one year milestone! Blogging can be a very unpredictable thing and it takes time- Also, don’t feel bad about thinking this place is strange- I was born here and I feel the same way most of the time! Have a great week!

      • You’re welcome! Yeah, ever since I paid to switch my three blogs over to “dot coms” instead of “wordpress dot coms” some of my comments end up as “spam,” which is pretty frustrating considering how much I’ve spent on the sites. Anyway, keep up the great work & enjoy the day! 🙂

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