My Pet Hamster

If any of you have seen my Room Sneak Peek post then you have met my little buddy, my pet satin cream syrian hamster Squigglum. She is the cutest most adorable pet ever. This is for the first time ever that I am owning a hamster as a pet, and she is so low maintenance, yet so much fun! I have a whole story on how I got her so may be I can blog about that later sometime. But I wanted to let you know that I got her from a local animal shelter where they told me she’s a boy and about 5 months old. She’s definitely not a boy! But I’m not sure about her age. She has been with me for about a month now and has made my life so much better. I recently started blogging about her on YouTube. I only have a few videos and if anyone is interested you can click myHamsterBlogΒ to find out more! Here’s one of her most adorable snaps!!


Let me know if any of you also have hamsters as pets. And I’m so new to this so any tips or suggestions are welcome. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚


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