Natural Bokeh

So while my mind and my heart is still in Chicago (I’m looking at the snaps all the time), I thought I’ll post another picture from there which is very close to my heart! This is of an old church (not really sure) in downtown Chicago, taken from inside our moving car. Would you believe, the bokeh effect came naturally even with my Canon Powershot cam! yay!! But yes I did increase the temperature of the snap to give it an old world feel (Chicago in March can never be this warm huh?!)



P.S. While we are on the subject of ‘bokeh’ I thought I will let you know a wonderful news! I checked today and found that has this new Bokeh effect for free right now… So go on,  edit all the pics you want to before they upgrade it! So long! And have a wonderful weekend!



What do you think?!!

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