Love, dance and celebrate being alive.

It’s so beautifully written! I had to reblog so I can come back and read it again 🙂

And if you guys don’t follow johncoyote already please go and read his blogs… they are beautiful … all of them 🙂



Love, Dance and celebrate being alive.

She was so beautiful. Five foot eleven inches in height. A slim and perfect body. Tan legs I desired to caress the moment I saw her walk by me one morning. Long flowing brown hair. Dark brown eyes that could melt me away fear with a smile and a tender look.

She would tease me at the beginning. Asked me take me to Big Surf.  She told me. “I want to walk nude on the beach. Lay all day on the beach for you to see me all day. “We were not lover’s yet.  She knew how to make me smile.  I would contemplate it and offered a ride to Big Surf as soon as possible.

We got to Big Surf.  It was always too damn cold for even the nudist. We went to the River Inn and drank a lot of beer and…

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