[short post] Initial thought on Nicole Krauss’s ‘The History of Love’

Since I read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book and watched Nicole Krauss’s interview (They are a literary power couple. I look up to them.), I have always wanted to read her books so much. But I was too lost with work and had too many unread books, also I somehow knew that her books are going to affect me in a very deep way even without having read them. So I saved it.

But just as I’m going to graduate and move to a complete new place I had to build a world for myself where I didn’t feel alone, lost and lonely. So as a pre-graduation gift I gave myself a lot of books (10 in all).

I was saving to open the box till I had moved and more importantly graduated.. I waited more than a week but then my self-control gave away and I couldn’t resist the temptation of this book anymore – The History of Love. I started reading it only two days back and it has already started affecting me…

My feelings so far can be summarized in a single line of thought: If we are all going to be solitary at the end of our lives then why don’t we spend our youth preparing for that loneliness (spending more time alone, developing hobbies, looking inwards and strengthening ourselves from within) instead of yearning for companionship all the time?

Her writing inspires me to go deeper inside myself, and eventually to start writing about people other than me… 


What do you think?!!

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