Love and other things!


I’m on Delta flight to Detroit, first time traveling to Michigan. I’ll be driving to Ann Arbor to meet my sis who is coming all the way to meet me (I’m meeting her second time this month! yay!) and then there’s some work stuff on Monday. 

The song, to be precise “the lyrics” going on in my mind are “my boyfriends’ pretty cool, but he’s not as cool as me, I’m a Brooklyn baby, I’m a Brooklyn baby”. All hail Lana, she puts words into my trance.

I just had peanuts on the flight. Everytime I have peanuts it reminds me of my pet dog Tashi. God! I miss her.

The person sitting right next to me is reading “The Great Gatsby”. There’s an American couple right across the aisle from me who can’t keep their hands off each other, making the Korean guy sitting next to them really really uncomfortable. Just to think I was happy in the morning that I forgot to bring “Love in the time of cholera”, the book I’ve been reading for months now and can’t finish because I’m just so sick of love.

I guess love never leaves your side – love for travelling, love for sibling, love for pets, love for music, love for food, love for reading, love stories, love in general…

So here’s a cheers to love from seat 25D of flight DL1371.




This photo was taken with my iPhone in the corridor of a very small, very basic hotel that we stayed in on our visit to the Lachung valley in northern Sikkim, India. Though very quait and a far cry from luxurious, the staff were very friendly and amazing. I hope I can go back to this place again.

The Magnificent Rockies

I was going through my old photograph folder form 2012 and I came across these beautiful photos from Colorado. I had picked them and saved them for writing a travel blog long back but I never had the time for that last year. I do not have the time for that even now so I thought I will just post them as photographs and may be write the blog later if I ever have time (rather if I ever overcome my writers block).

Colorado is the most beautiful of all the places I have been to so far… The Rocky mountains are serene, calm, magnificent and so peaceful… It’s heaven for nature lovers like me… I’ve decide if I ever want to settle down after my retirement it will be near the Estes National Park 🙂 Now I will stop rambling and leave you all with the pics…

View from Pikes Peak:


On the way to the Estes National Park:



A silvery road:


Nature at its best:


Cloud on the road:


Moments when you feel if your friend takes a wrong turn you are all going to die! Specially if you are sitting on the front seat beside the driver 🙂



Snake roads?!! 😀


We were very lucky to have experienced this beautiful rainbow @ the top of the Rockies:


Play of the shadows and the light:


See those little people on the top? 🙂


Hope you liked the snaps and if you haven’t been to the Rockies yet, you should definitely go there!

A weekend in Chicago (snaps)

So in this blog I will be showing you a few snaps of my recent trip to Chicago. Big cities always fill me with a sense of awe. It happened when I visited Seattle last year, and again when I visited Chicago last week. Well, I’m from a big city myself, Kolkata is the 15th largest city in the world w.r.t. its population! But yeah we have less of these towering high-rises, the concrete-steel jungle! So here are the snaps 🙂






And finally I part with a fun snap! At the awesome Field Museum, Chicago I learnt that my forearm is bigger in size than that of a T-rex!! Yay!! 😀


Natural Bokeh

So while my mind and my heart is still in Chicago (I’m looking at the snaps all the time), I thought I’ll post another picture from there which is very close to my heart! This is of an old church (not really sure) in downtown Chicago, taken from inside our moving car. Would you believe, the bokeh effect came naturally even with my Canon Powershot cam! yay!! But yes I did increase the temperature of the snap to give it an old world feel (Chicago in March can never be this warm huh?!)



P.S. While we are on the subject of ‘bokeh’ I thought I will let you know a wonderful news! I checked today and found that has this new Bokeh effect for free right now… So go on,  edit all the pics you want to before they upgrade it! So long! And have a wonderful weekend!


View of Chicago

On Spring break me and my friends went on a road trip for a few days – to Chicago, the nearest big city to Lincoln! I have planned going there for a very long time, and I have had several connecting flights from the Chicago O’Hare Airport but had never the opportunity to venture out. So finally after 22 long months in the USA, I was finally in Chicago from 22 – 24 March 2013. I loved the place! Here is one of the snaps I took from atop the John Hancock Observatory. Hope you guys like it!