Should we lie?

I brag that I never lie – it is true. I don’t lie. But it’s not that I have never lied. I have lied before. White lies. We tell white lies to not hurt the person more than she/he can bear at that point. But then who are we to judge the strength of any person?!

I have been guilty of judging strength of people and I have found myself completely wrong. So I regret my white lies as much as I regret trusting people blindly.

You might say that the two are contradictory. But it’s not. If we trust a person blindly that often means that we care about that person deeply. And then sometimes we care for them enough to try to protect them from anything, even the truth. If we don’t trust someone, we don’t care about them that much. And then it doesn’t matter to us how that person will react to a piece of truth. If that person is sad or heartbroken, we can always explain ourselves saying ‘But it was the truth!’ and that is still the truth.

But if the same happens to us, it hurts. We feel that the person lied to us to escape further complications.  That they were selfish and just wanted to avoid the situation, may be they didn’t want you to react and lose control of the situation. May be they don’t want to be responsible for you losing your calm.

So, in my opinion, just be safe. Always say the truth. As Mark Twain famously said, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” One big advantage.




20 Things You Do When You Are Writing Your Thesis

  1. Sit and stare into blank space or the screen of your computer, convince yourself that you are immersed in deep thought evaluating a critical analytic dilemma.
  2. Doodle on any blank scrap of paper you get.


    Doodles on a post-it note

  3. Evaluate all decisions you ever made in life, suffer from inexplicable existential crisis,  go deep into the dungeons of despair and totally judge your own-‘younger’-self.
  4. Sleep on desk at lab when no one is around. Be stunned into semi-wakefulness when other lab mates enter the lab. Get up and pretend you had been working hard throughout.
  5. Write a lot of motivational quotes on post-it notes and stick it around your computer.


    Work Station cum Inspiration Board

  6. Feel like writing about anything other than your thesis. Write a lot of inconsequential blogs like 10 Random Facts About Me.
  7. Take random photos in and around the lab.


    Random snap of worn-out shoes

  8. Listen to a number of Richard Dawkins speeches ranging from militant atheism to god delusion and superstitions. Ponder about your core beliefs and get ideas about new blogging topics. Create a lot of new drafts (which you can only hope will get completed someday).
  9. Listen to different genres of music and keep making new playlists.


    On the way to lab across Antelope valley, around 5:00pm

  10. Watch a lot of Disney movies, one more time.
  11. In fact, feel that urgent need to watch all those movies that you have had on your watchlist for a long time. And watch them all at once.
  12. Draw tattoos on yourself!


    Make-belief bad@ss with lots of Ink!

  13. Be really fussy and short-tempered with people who really support you, like closest friends and family.
  14. Totally mess up your sleep cycle and unwillingly participate in morning and evening walks.


    On one such Morning Walk, near the Memorial Stadium

  15. Miss a number of important meetings with important people due to #14. Get scowled at when you meet them the next time.
  16. Justify all the bad food choices, loads of chocolates and caffeine saying you need them.


    Gorging on Chicken Tarragon Salad sandwich @ Bruegger’s

  17. Fuss a lot about writing thesis to everyone you meet/talk to/come in contact with. Be totally spaced out at all times.
  18. Sleep a lot and avoid any kind of household chores, like cooking, cleaning and paying bills.
  19. Shop online!


    Huge Delivery from F21

  20. Most importantly, Do anything but write your thesis! 😀