Random House @ Night

Last night I was out grocery shopping with my friends. After coming back,  while they were busy unloading the car, I grabbed my cam and went on a rampage in their neighborhood. Ah! it’s a bliss to have what you want just when you want it! Now this place is not exactly where I stay, but this is where I spend most of my weekends and some of my week day nights. But I’m sure, my mother and especially, my sister would be scared to see such a spooky desolated place (Well, I’m from Kolkata, India. What else do you expect!!)

(click on the image to enlarge)

The place was dark and so I was taking the images with a very high ISO. Sadly, most of the images turned out to be too grainy to use at all. But I liked this one just for the reason I mentioned above, scaring my family 😀 Also partly because I was tired of posting blue and white snaps.
I couldn’t decide whether that flash of light from the street lamp was a good or bad thing and finally, decided to keep that unchanged. What do you think it does to the snap? – adds something or makes it ugly? I’d love to know. Till then, Keep Rocking!!