Pink Flowers

Since my photography posts are becoming so popular and getting so many likes I decided to post another one. The UNL campus is bursting with flowers of every color from every corner. This year has been the most pleasant summer in Lincoln since 2011. I’m enjoying every moment of my last few weeks here.


sidewalks bursting with blossoms


Cluster of White Flowers

I spotted this shrub heavy with blossoms while walking back to my apartment after volunteering at The Cat House. I don’t know its name.


Cluster of unknown white flowers

A Host of Wild Flowers (2)


Wild Flowers, UNL City Campus

Last year I had posted a snap of the same flowers on my blog and, guess what, while giving a title to this post I independently came up with the same name! Check out the one from last year here.

10 Random Facts About Me

A very popular meme over at YouTube is 50 Random facts about me. Since I like to talk about myself a lot, especially in my blog , I decided I will do it here. But then who will be interested in 50 facts about me?! So I decided to go with just 10. So here we go:

  1. I get very dramatic when I write my blog – I speak the words, I enact the sentences, I live every word. I derive immense joy out of it. I mostly tend to write my blog on days when I have too much on my plate, so I don’t go back and proof read, and thus, often my blog is reeking with spelling and grammatical errors which shames me to no end when I read them later.
  2. In real life or online, I do not care about my public perception at all. Yes, I get worried about it if I know it is negative. But if it comes up, mostly for a few minutes. I don’t dwell on it.
  3. My favorite color has always been purple… but a few days back I realized I have secretly liked green more. I cannot live a double life anymore, so I openly admit my favorite color is GREEN.
  4. I’m basically clueless about time. By that I mean I have no perception about the duration of time. This topic needs more space than that of a small bullet point, so I will reserve it for later.
  5. Since I started writing my journal at a very tender age, I always used to write a small letter ‘i’ instead of a capital letter ‘I’. Personally, it signified being humble because I used to write mostly about myself. But over the years, especially when writing on a laptop or a computer, it’s just convenient to write an ‘I’ so that it does not get underlined. But I still write a small ‘i’ when I write on paper.
  6. I never lie. Doesn’t mean I have never lied.
  7. I’m not religious. I have been struggling with the question of whether I’m an atheist or an agnostic for a long time, but I have not found a resolution yet. Basically, I’m non-theist or humanist, also, I believe, a rational realistic human being. But I’m tolerant of all religions because I have grown up surrounded by very nice people who are deeply religious. I also love going to places of worship and strongly believe that religion, if followed in the correct way, makes a better human being. But, at the same time, it makes me sad that people would need a religion to be good person. Morality should not be a choice, and it cannot be bought at the cost of fear.
  8. Contradicting the above point, I am addicted to casual astrology. I don’t believe in it or take it seriously, but I definitely read my horoscope everyday. #sorryReason
  9. Having pets is more important to me than having babies. Adopting orphans is more important to me than having babies of my own.
  10. I think #tags are super cool. I don’t miss any opportunity to use them in a funny way. I think I have demonstrated that twice already. #noThriceNow #faceIt

If you think these are interesting, then let me know so that I can keep them coming!!  #shamelessSelfPublicity

Also leave a comment, and tell me at least one fact about you!,

I am back with Spring

At one point of time I thought that my blog is going to die! Or that no one is going to visit when I finally posted something new. Well, I don’t know about the first one, But I would never let the second happen to unApologetic! So here I am back after a tolerable laparoscopic appendectomy and a traumatic midterm 😀

{I have to add this here –> The door of my dorm room just opened with a gust of cold wind. Very Spooky! It has never happened before…}

So I am back with Spring and how! The weather is fantastic and it is Spring break now (Though, I don’t know if it means anything at all for Grad students, But I made proper use of it to Rest and Relax). I’m loving every moment of it…

Therefore, here’s some photography while waiting for the university bus:

Hope you all are as glad that I’m back as I am myself! So long, enjoy the good weather till it gets sweaty! 😀