About a boy

He hates tears and toothpaste without mint.

His favorite movie is Love Actually, and he believes in true love.

He always follows his heart, but is quick to say sorry when he is wrong.

He always gets a token something for you when he goes to get something for him at the store.

He plays guitar for you, when you are pretending to be not listening.

When he wakes up earlier than you, he goes out to get you an awesome breakfast from a deli nearby.

If it is raining outside and you have plans to walk around the city all day, he quickly buys two umbrellas, so that the plan is not cancelled, and then comes back to get you.

He gifts himself weird stuff like a LED headlight on his birthday.

He takes the most beautiful photos in the world.

He responds to your phone calls no matter what time of the day you want to speak with him.

He records beautiful voice messages and sends them over to you when you are least expecting.

He always makes you laugh even when it is the coldest night or the scariest situation.

He gets ready to enact a movie scene with you on the lobby of a posh hotel.

He loves seafood.

He loves sunsets, and gets upset when he can’t stay longer to watch the sun set at a particular spot. However, he quickly remembers that the sun will set again tomorrow, and you never visit a place only once.

He does not give up on you when the times are rough or the road is uncertain.

He does not react to you, but respond to you.

He says that life is made up of precious moments.

He gives you strength when you are weak and at your worst.

He knows that love lasts forever and stands the test of time, the greatest test of them all.

He takes risks, because without any risk, there is no reward.



Random House @ Night

Last night I was out grocery shopping with my friends. After coming back,  while they were busy unloading the car, I grabbed my cam and went on a rampage in their neighborhood. Ah! it’s a bliss to have what you want just when you want it! Now this place is not exactly where I stay, but this is where I spend most of my weekends and some of my week day nights. But I’m sure, my mother and especially, my sister would be scared to see such a spooky desolated place (Well, I’m from Kolkata, India. What else do you expect!!)

(click on the image to enlarge)

The place was dark and so I was taking the images with a very high ISO. Sadly, most of the images turned out to be too grainy to use at all. But I liked this one just for the reason I mentioned above, scaring my family 😀 Also partly because I was tired of posting blue and white snaps.
I couldn’t decide whether that flash of light from the street lamp was a good or bad thing and finally, decided to keep that unchanged. What do you think it does to the snap? – adds something or makes it ugly? I’d love to know. Till then, Keep Rocking!!