Riesling & Chicken Caprese


My first time eating at 9 South Chargrill, Lincoln, NE – a quaint little place with a good ambience and friendly service. I would really recommend this place to everyone.


Crimson Sky

These pictures were taken on an iPhone through the windshield of the car (I apologize for the grainy quality) at around 6:16 am in the morning in late July 2012 when we were coming back from an awesome trip to the Rockies in Colorado. This is how Nebraska greeted us. 🙂

Halloween Costume Contests


Last night I went out with some friends to celebrate my second Halloween in the US. And Oh! The costume contests of Halloween!! I knew some places were hosting it as I had seen fliers before! But I had no idea that almost ALL places were! This is the first time I have seen Lincoln Downtown becoming so lively on a weekday night! Loved the feel!!!