A small boy and his little dog

There is a funny story with this snap. I was in Lisbon, Portugal and it was our first day there. My partner was getting day bus passes from a convenience store (incidentally, the store owners were Indian) and I was waiting outside for him. The father of the little boy was also getting something from there and this little guy was outside, just like me, playing with his little Yorkie. I, of people, can appreciate having pets since childhood and it was undoubtedly the cutest sight. I wanted to capture him talking with his dog, the dog sometimes responding and sometimes not, they both getting tangled in the red leash. It was so amusing. I started filming them with my iPhone. Only when it was time for me to leave and I wanted to stop the video, I figured that I had not started it in the first place. Since I have a memory ‘like a sieve’, I am obsessed with capturing moments so that I do not forget them (I think that is one of the primary reasons I’m obsessed with photography). So before leaving I took this snap. This experience is one of the highlights of my Europe trip, equivalent to Wordsworth’s daffodils to me. What a bonus that the pup is looking at me!


little boy and his little dog


Pink Flowers

Since my photography posts are becoming so popular and getting so many likes I decided to post another one. The UNL campus is bursting with flowers of every color from every corner. This year has been the most pleasant summer in Lincoln since 2011. I’m enjoying every moment of my last few weeks here.


sidewalks bursting with blossoms

The gorgeous skies of Lincoln, NE

We had a few thunderstorms last month and the skies were always gorgeous, pregnant with dense clouds, sometimes just before or after a shower. All the photos are taken at dawn around 5:00am on different days.


crossing the road near Beadle Center


beautiful clouds taken from near the Assurity Center


the parking lot between Morrill Hall and UNL CREC

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A Host of Wild Flowers (2)


Wild Flowers, UNL City Campus

Last year I had posted a snap of the same flowers on my blog and, guess what, while giving a title to this post I independently came up with the same name! Check out the one from last year here.

Should we lie?

I brag that I never lie – it is true. I don’t lie. But it’s not that I have never lied. I have lied before. White lies. We tell white lies to not hurt the person more than she/he can bear at that point. But then who are we to judge the strength of any person?!

I have been guilty of judging strength of people and I have found myself completely wrong. So I regret my white lies as much as I regret trusting people blindly.

You might say that the two are contradictory. But it’s not. If we trust a person blindly that often means that we care about that person deeply. And then sometimes we care for them enough to try to protect them from anything, even the truth. If we don’t trust someone, we don’t care about them that much. And then it doesn’t matter to us how that person will react to a piece of truth. If that person is sad or heartbroken, we can always explain ourselves saying ‘But it was the truth!’ and that is still the truth.

But if the same happens to us, it hurts. We feel that the person lied to us to escape further complications.  That they were selfish and just wanted to avoid the situation, may be they didn’t want you to react and lose control of the situation. May be they don’t want to be responsible for you losing your calm.

So, in my opinion, just be safe. Always say the truth. As Mark Twain famously said, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” One big advantage.