Reaching out for a new beginning

Reaching out for a new beginning


A beautiful building

This is a side view of the Richards Hall which is the Department of Art and Art History in the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

I am back with Spring

At one point of time I thought that my blog is going to die! Or that no one is going to visit when I finally posted something new. Well, I don’t know about the first one, But I would never let the second happen to unApologetic! So here I am back after a tolerable laparoscopic appendectomy and a traumatic midterm 😀

{I have to add this here –> The door of my dorm room just opened with a gust of cold wind. Very Spooky! It has never happened before…}

So I am back with Spring and how! The weather is fantastic and it is Spring break now (Though, I don’t know if it means anything at all for Grad students, But I made proper use of it to Rest and Relax). I’m loving every moment of it…

Therefore, here’s some photography while waiting for the university bus:

Hope you all are as glad that I’m back as I am myself! So long, enjoy the good weather till it gets sweaty! 😀