A windy day

Having never experienced snow before I was extremely apprehensive about the Winter in Lincoln, Nebraska. Especially because my friends here kept warning me because of my exceptionally low cold-tolerance. They also reminisced how brutal 2009-2010 Winter had been for them and that since 2010-2011 did not match up to its predecessor year, this winter might. But this one was unlike any other for Nebraska that I feared. In 2011 there was snow for around 10-15 days in December. The snow came in just ahead of my finals week and melted a day before my final exam. And since this was the first time living in snow for me, I enjoyed every bit of it. I thought I was spared the legendary Nebraska snow and thunderstorm………. till yesterday evening.

There was a wind alert on weather.com for Lincoln. Now how bad could a windy day be, so I dressed myself up in two layers and chose to forget about my winter jacket. Mistake! A ‘feels like’ of -3C felt much more like a -10C to me. And mind you, a wind blowing at 50mph is not a wind, it’s a S-T-O-R-M and I’m not overreacting!

Now I had to have a fresh something for my blog, so I was going around with the camera in my pocket. And then along with the wind came out a burst of tiny salt-grain size pieces of snow. I mean it was funny at first. The force they came in with, the sound that made against your clothing, the wave like gusts it created on the ground. I tried to capture that, but I was engulfed by the overpowering wind gusts, I realized, almost every attempt to capture a non-static object would be futile. So here is the most static living thing that I got to photograph – my arm!

And by this time I started feeling that my legs were going numb. So down below you’ll find an array of my attempts to capture nature on a very windy day. I neither had the patience or the cold-tolerance to take a decent snap yesterday. But with again temperatures in Lincoln falling down to a ‘feels like’ of -18C, I guess I will soon have it.



So long then. Keep Warm. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A windy day

  1. The top layer of water in my bottle had frozen by the time I reached university 🙂 !!!! Welcome winter 😉

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