Breakfast Bowl

The snap was taken during a breakfast a few days ago.

A few weeks ago when I stayed over at a friend’s place I came across these cereals which she was having for breakfast. I do not like to drink milk. So as a general rule I do not buy cereals.  But I couldn’t resist the colorfulness and the unique shape and taste of these spooners. So that very day, while shopping, I got myself a bagful.

But the snap above documents the first and last time I had these at my home. I couldn’t make myself eat another morsel another time. These are not bad, but just not good according to my taste. I have been suffering guilt pangs for wasting food. But yesterday, finally, I convinced a very good friend of mine (with a very pronounced sweet-tooth) to take these away from me. 🙂

How do you feel about cereals? Let me know!

P.S. Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow, 18 January 2012, will be the largest internet protest in history. Thousands of sites across the internet, including some of the biggest in the world like (English version), will be blacking out and directing people to contact Congress to kill the web censorship bill, SOPA and PIPA. You can read more about the bills here and here. And if you want to join, you may want to check this. I will be joining the protest and blacking out my site tomorrow. So there will be a gap in the Project 10. But all for a cause.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Bowl

  1. is it the breakfast cereals that you talked about?????? i studied a lot about it( it comprised of a quarter of the subject-bakery), i really wanna taste it, it looks nice……n I am really interested in looking at some of the special food found over there coz theoritically i have read but i never have a chance to see any one of them…… so if you capture some of them!!!!!!

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